Mrs Robinson’s history of Hall Drive

In 1950 three families lived in the converted farmhouse on the right hand side of the drive going out of the village. In the first were Mr & Mrs Ted Wright and Ted’s uncle Basil. In the middle Mrs Hinchcliffe and Mr Richardson lived with their family Alan, Eileen, Rita, Keith, Trevor and James. And in the end were Miss Oswick and Mr Green.

the first, after many changes is now owned by 2 ladies who live in Norwich. Mrs Hinchcliffe still lives in the middle. Mrs H’s sister Mrs Thompson moved into the third when Mrs Oswick died, and she then sold to Mr & Mrs Stebbings who had been living in one of the Hall Farm cottages. (They were still there in 1987).

With the coming of the bypass a triangular piece of land was left on the left hand side of the drive. On this was built two houses… “Treetops” owned by Mr & Mrs Keith Harvey, and the other by Mr Peter hales, a landscape gardener who made a feature of the front of his property. Both of these houses stand high above the drive.

The piece of land lying between the main drive and the access to the Hinchcliffe and Stebbings properties was bought by Mr Rudd. He bought land on the other side of the river on which he built a house. This he sold and bought the meadow which lay behind the houses on The Street. Here he built a house into which he moved, while he proceeded to build a bungalow into which he intended to move. He died before it was finished, but Mrs Rudd moved in and sold the house.

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