Mrs Robinson’s history of Honingham Hall

In 1950 Lady Teichman was in residence at the Hall with Miss Margaret Crowe as her general maid and Mr Cook as her chauffeur.

Mr & Mrs Cook (his second wife) lived in a flat in the Hall with Helen their daughter. Across the courtyard at the back some people named Richmond lived.

Mer & Mrs Leonard were the master and matron of the Dr Barnados home which occupied the greater part of the Hall. They had moved in at the outbreak of the war and Sir Eric Teichmann had made them beneficiaries of his will leaving them his estate on the death of his wife.

The Leonards were followed by another couple with 2 children. They did not stay long, and were followed by Miss fraser. She was eventually followed by Mr & Mrs baldwin, who stayed there until the estate was sold and a new Boys’ home was built in Norwich, called Teichmann House. This has since been sold as well.

Lady T moved out of the hall into St Helens’ Nursing Home in Norwich, wher she lived for some years, but matters were arranged so that Barnados could not sell the Hall in her lifetime. It was bought by Mr John Rampton of Easton, who obtained permission to demolish the Hall, but agreed to keep the building which served as stabling etc with the idea of converting it to a dwelling house. This building dates from the 1600’s and is very similar in design to the old Hall at East Tuddenham. During the Barnados occupation it was used as a playroom for the boys and village fetes held at the Hall used it for serving refreshments.

After demolition of the Hall, panelling discovered was stored in this building, the roof etc having been made watertight. It was possibly the first Hall at Honingham – called Curson’s Hall in Blomefield’s Directory.

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