Litter Picking News

On Sunday last (5th January) our little band tidied the Village once again – we hope you have noticed. In the 3 years we have been doing it we have now filled over 250 sacks with rubbish – not to mention the odd car wheel and other items. Amongst the usual MacDonalds rubbish we find dirty nappies, bottles of urine, and many other disgusting things. What a dirty and untidy nation we are!

Recently we have, I’m afraid, ceased picking along the Mattishall Road, except for around our bus stop and the school area. (Although we do the job on Sunday mornings the speed of the traffic along that road is terrifying, and we have decided that we cannot justify risking our lives there.) When the litter gets to be too bad we will ask Broadland DC to get the professionals to clear the litter along that road.

Thanks to the volunteers who turn out every 2 months to help with this task – you are all super!

In the picture below the orange bags were filled along Norwich Road, Dereham Road and Berrys Lane. The green ones were filled on Ringland Lane from the A47 to Merrywood. The regular offender on that Lane is a local cattery which double bags its cat litter and regularly throws several bags of it into the hedgerow. Charming!

This week's pickings

This week’s pickings

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