Mrs Robinson’s history of Mill House

There had originally been a farm here, but by 1950 the land had been reduced to the meadow stretching between Mill Lane and the river, behind the house and the orchard, situated on the opposite side of the road. Colonel and Mrs Birdwood were the owners at that time, and they sold the meadows beyond the “garden” area, where they had once kept the house cows, to Mr Basil Kidd.

When they decided to emigrate to Rhodesia they sold the orchard to Mr Tom Robinson, and the house and garden to Mr & Mrs Arnold Harris, who moved in in 1958 with their 3 children Clive, Rosamund and another, and Mrs Harris’s mother Mrs Millne.

After the death of Mrs Millne, and the children moving out, they sold the house to Professor and Mrs McKillop, who moved in with their sons Ian and Robin. They were still in residence in 1987.

During the Birdwood’s time the water mill formed part of the premises and served a useful storage olace for their bee-keeping and other equipment.

During the Harris occupancy the mill was demolished when deterioration of the river bridge made it more convenient for the project.

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