Message from Peter Nunn, can anyone help?

Apologies to Peter for this taking so long getting onto the site, it had been buried under 300 odd spam messages in the contact us feedback box!

Peter has sent through this message below, can anyone help with the information?

I am trying to find a large house that was used by the Invalid Children’s Aid Association during WWII. It was near the Gogmagog hills and also an American airfield. Could that house have been Honingham Hall? It was a m last lovely place with beautifully sunken gardens.

Anyone who can help please do comment below!


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  1. John Skipper says:

    If it helps, Gog Magog Hills are near Stapleford in Cambridgeshire (SE of Cambridge)

    Lots of WW2 airfields around there.

    Plenty of stuff about the ICAA on the web.