Norwich Food Bank

As many of you will be aware, now that he has retired from being the chairman of the Parish BWcouncil for ohhh so many years, Brian Winchester is now dedicating even more of his time to the Norwich Food Bank.

To help people to realise the importance of such a project this is how it works:

The Foodbank gives three days of emergency food to individuals and families in crisis. Local care professionals in the Norwich area refer people to us using a food voucher. At the Foodbank centre clients exchange their voucher for food supplies, here they also receive a give a cup of coffee, a listening ear and signposting to other professionals who can help them out of their crisis.
The Foodbank also supports existing local agencies working with distressed and destitute people by donating food in bulk.
The Foodbank allows the general public to contribute to and support local well-being in a simple practical way.
By donating food (you sometimes see collections at major supermarkets) you can help towards those struggling to even buy food, which in 2013 that is truly disgusting.

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