MINUTES of the HONINGHAM ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held on 14th. May 2013, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT from the Parish Council were Mr B Winchester (Chairman), Mrs H Clements, Mr S Harvey, Mr T Sapey, Mr N Boreham and Mr G Cullender.

17 residents of the village also attended the meeting.

THE CHAIRMAN welcomed everyone to the meeting.

THE MINUTES of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were read, approved and signed.

There were no MATTERS ARISING.

CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS,.  Mr Winchester began by mentioning a relatively new development – the meeting of the Chairs of 6 parishes (Weston Longville, Ringland, Lyng, Hockering, East Tuddenham and Honingham) in order to consider ways of acting together on issues such as planning.  He recommended that whoever takes over from him as Chairman should continue to be part of this group.

He thanked Mr M Smith for continuing to spray paths with weedkiller.

He also thanked Molly Townshend for all her past work in maintaining the Shrine area, a job that she is now relinquishing.

Mr Winchester noted that PCSO Pellizzarro is now no longer our local Police Liaison Officer, and he thanked him for all that he had done.

He commended the village website, up and running for some time now, which was very good, and he thanked Mrs Clements and Mr Skipper for their hard work on this.

He mentioned that the regular litter-picking carries on, and that it was sadly still very necessary.

Mr Winchester thanked all past and present Parish Council members for their help and support during his time as Chairman.  He stressed the value of teamwork.  He paid particular tribute to Mrs. Winchester, and to the Clerk.

He concluded by reading out some e-mails relating to the proposed tarmac on the Shrine area: the upshot of these is that there may well be no possibility of putting this work in hand, because of the drainage problems in Hall Drive.

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT.  The Clerk then gave a summary of the work of the Parish Council in the last year. He had distributed a summary of the audited accounts for 2011-12, and invited comments or questions. He mentioned that all the books and documents were present at the meeting, and that they were open to inspection by anyone.

There may be too many problems relating to drainage to do anything about the Shrine area.  If the project has to be cancelled, the money that the Parish Council has already paid will be returned.

Mr Doughty and Mr Smith were thanked for work on the notice board and the paths respectively.

A new venture in the village was the Goat Farm next to Greenacres.  A recent Open Day had proved very popular.

It had been decided not to acquire road signs saying “Honingham”, on the grounds of cost.

Grave doubts had been expressed by the Parish Council about the proposed express lane past the A47 roundabout heading east, although it seems as though this project is going ahead.

The Clerk added his personal thanks to Mr Winchester for his energetic and resourceful chairmanship.

POLICE MATTERS  There had been a burglary in Colton Road, and an attempted burglary in Mill Lane.  All were urged to be vigilant neighbours, and to report anything suspicious.

There is a possibility that the above-mentioned Six Parish Group will purchase flashing speed-limit signs, to be used in each village in turn for about two weeks.

VILLAGE ORGANIZATIONS.  The Clerk asked the meeting for an update on which organizations now meet regularly in the village.  The list comprises:

Fitness classes and aerobics: Coffee Mornings: Yoga: Table Tennis: Bellfolk handbell ringers: Crafts: Charity Dances once a month.

THE AILWYN CUP was awarded to Mr Gerry Bart, for his work on the committee planning and executing the village Jubilee Celebrations last year.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting.

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