MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 14th. February 2013

MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 14th. February 2013, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr B Winchester (Chairman), Ms H Banks, Mr T Sapey, Mrs J Carter, Mr S Harvey, Mr N Boreham and Mr G Cullender.  9 residents of the village also attended the meeting.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed by the Chairman.

There were no MATTERS ARISING.

LOCAL PARISH CHAIRS MEETING. Mr Winchester reported on a meeting he had attended with the Chairs of several neighbouring Parish Councils.  They had discussed acting together on occasions, for example in responding to large- scale planning applications.  The meeting felt this was an initiative that should be encouraged, as there were occasions when the support of five other Councils would be useful.

FINANCE  Two cheques were signed:  Clerk’s Salary for 2012 –  £450

                                                                The final payment for 1&1 Internet (via Mr G               Cullender)  – £46.76

PARISH COUNCIL WEBSITE:  Ms Banks reported that the new website, organised through Norfolk County Council,  was now up and running.  A new website address  http://honinghampc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/category/home/ was now to be used for all material for the website.  Members of the Council expressed their thanks to Ms Banks, Mr J Skipper and Mr Cullender for their work in this regard.  An e-mail was read from Ms J Williams, asking for all Parish Council minutes to be put up on the website following meetings, and this was agreed.  She also suggested that the last five years of minutes should be put up.  There were no offers from the meeting to perform this task.

HALL DRIVE FLOODING.  The chairman reported that SDS from Norfolk County Council have jetted the pipes from Hall Drive to Paul Blyth’s garden.  A blockage was found, and also a partial blockage.   A suggestion was made that a higher-pressure tanker should be used to do all the pipes.  Mr Winter intends to put a camera through all the pipework.  Mr Doughty, speaking on behalf of the residents of Hall Drive, felt that this was unacceptable, as adequate provision for the outfall had not been made.  He does not agree with the calculations and predictions for the future amounts of water coming through the pipes.  Mr Winter has suggested that the Parish Council and the residents together  pay for an annual clean of the pipes system. The chairman stressed that he was simply reporting on progress so far, and after some discussion it was agreed to wait for the next report.

On a related matter, it was noted that Anglian Water were having trouble with the pumping station at the end of Hall Drive.

PARISH PARTNERSHIPS.  The Clerk had received a letter about grants that were once more available for parish highways matters.  These grants could now be for 75% of the cost of a scheme, and the increase (from 50%) was to be applied retrospectively, so that the Parish Council should be getting money back from the Shrine tarmacing scheme.

PLANNING  No objections had been made to the application to build a new stable block at Greenacres Farm.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS  . correspondence had been received from Norfolk County Council about the Green Deal.

RoSPA would be inspecting the children’s play equipment in the summer, and submitting a report as usual.

THE AILWYN CUP   Suggestions were invited for the next recipient.

CORRESPONDENCE  “Parish Pages” was distributed.

FUTURE DATES:  next Parish Council Meeting: 11th. April 2013

                                           Annual Parish Meeting: 14th. May 2013

Before closing the meeting the Chairman confirmed that he would be standing down as Chairman at the next Parish Council AGM.

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