Calling all dog owners!

It has been brought to our attention by numerous residents about the amount of dog waste not cleaned up by the owners that seems to be appearing in our lovely village.

GOOD DOG 2It does seem to be only a few  dog walkers that refuse to clear up after their pets, so might I suggest if anyone does see the act ‘in action’ please do contact Broadland District Council and report the owner. This also is for people who do bag the waste then throw it into the nearest ditch or field! Then the lucky volunteers of  Honingham Litter Pickers then get the privilege to the clear up.

It’s not fair to anyone who may walk in it, It makes our village look dirty & also very unfair to the responsible owners who do clean up after their pets.

We have two dog wastes bins in our village, one located at the Richmond Close end of Norwich Road & the second one is near the 30 mph sign on Colton Road. They are well used but still plenty of room in them for those ones that aren’t being picked up!

Be a responsible dog owner, buy some cheap nappy sacks from the supermarket as they are much cheaper,  just as tough as proper dog waste bags & clear up after your animals!

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